The faq model is used to render a series of questions and answers. It is often user to address frequently asked questions about your products or services.

FAQ Options

There are several options that allow you to configure the generated HTML. These are described below.

Add Question Numbers

Check this option to number each question starting from 1.

Div Wrapper Properties

Each Question/Answer is defined within an HTML details tag. The collection of all details tags are wrapped in a div tag. By default, this outer div tag uses class="faq_questions". Use this properties field to override the properties of the div.

Automatically Open

By default, users must click on one of the question links to reveal the answer to the question. Use this option to automatically reveal the answer to the first question or to all of the questions.

Question and Answer Grid

Here we see a series of questions and answers:

Sample FAQ questions and answers

Section Headings

The first column is optional. If users, the generated HTML will include h2 headings before the questions that begin with the first question to the right of where the section heading was entered.

Adding Additional Answer Paragraphs

You can insert as many columns as you need to input long answers involving many paragraphs. Each answer column will appear in a separate paragraph.

Rendered HTML

Here we see the HTML that would be rendered by the above specification.

<div id="faq1_questions" class="faq_questions">
 <h2 class="faq_header">Policies</h2>
 <details open="open" class="faq_details">  <summary class="faq_summary">First question</summary>
  <p>First Answer</p><p>First Answer paragraph 2</p> 
 <details class="faq_details">  <summary class="faq_summary">Second question</summary>
  <p>Second Answer</p>
 <details class="faq_details">  <summary class="faq_summary">Third question</summary>
  <p>Third Answer</p><p>Third Answer paragraph 2</p>
<h2 class="faq_header">Products</h2>
 <details class="faq_details">  <summary class="faq_summary">Fifth question</summary>
  <p>Fifth Answer</p>
 <details class="faq_details">  <summary class="faq_summary">Sixth question</summary>
  <p>Sixth Answer</p>

This is a sample specification for the faq model, the image below shows how this would be rendered
This is what the above specification will look like when rendered