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What is GenHelm?

GenHelm is a Model Driven Engineering Platform that facilitates rapid development of robust, scalable web applications. You can think of it as a comprehensive PHP Web Framework that is augmented by an advanced set of generators used to create and modify content pages, PHP Classes, HTML Forms and other components.

In modern extensible websites a significant amount of code is used to implement "plumbing". This includes infrastructure to support functionality around security, authentication, request mapping, http response handling, page rendering, etc. Building a comprehensive infrastructure for large commercial web projects can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take years to perfect. With GenHelm, companies can avoid these costs and focus their effort on building the business components that add value while leveraging a common foundation across their organization.

Unlike traditional frameworks, that take years to master, GenHelm has a shallow learning curve since all of the components you build are generated by sophisticated models. This allows average developers to build comprehensive web applications in a fraction of the time taken when using code heavy frameworks.

Who should buy GenHelm

Who Should Buy GenHelm?

GenHelm is aimed at web developers and teams seeking to build advanced PHP websites without a lot of complex coding. If you have tried other frameworks, such as Laravel or Symphony, and found them to be too daunting, you will appreciate GenHelm's ease of use and the fact that most web pages can be built without any programming. If you currently use WordPress and frequently experience "plugin hell", you will like the fact that GenHelm does not have many dependencies on third-party components.

GenHelm ships with over 70 models, which are generators designed to build various types of content. The supplied models make it easy to build components such as SQL table maintenance and query pages, image and video galleries, glossaries, dynamic Google maps, menus and more. GenHelm is an open framework so changing the supplied models and writing new models is easy.

GenHelm is a generic PHP framework that can be used to implement any type of website. It is great for both individuals and large teams in that it allows any number of developers to work on the same site(s) at the same time.

If your web developers struggle with performing timely updates to your website or if your site suffers from quality or search engine indexing issues, it is time to try GenHelm. With our 3-month free trial offer, you have nothing to lose.