GenHelm has very few dependencies and can be installed without a great deal of technical expertise.



The GenHelm development environment and application runtime requires a minimum of PHP 8.2. You don't have to be a PHP programmer to develop sites in GenHelm however for complex websites that involve e-commerce or database updating, knowledge of PHP is recommended.

HTTP Server

GenHelm can run under most HTTP servers that can host PHP applications. The recommended web server is Apache.


GenHelm, itself, does not require a database. Nevertheless, if you wish to use the database version of the GenHelm runtime blog, an SQL database is required. The database can be MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, Oracle or other databases supported by the PHP PDO interface.

These databases are also supported by the database models supplied with GenHelm that are used to develop websites that utilize SQL data.


The GenHelm development environment runs as a web server application to allow any number of developers to use the application using only a web browser. GenHelm developers do not need to install any components on their local machine in order to develop web applications.

GenHelm can also be installed as a locally hosted web application on a single PC or Mac device for use by a single developer.