The GenHelm runtime supports over 115 dollar functions. Dollar Functions can be embedded into most pages and can be nested to any depth. These eliminate the need to develop custom code to obtain information from the system or to render complex HTML.
$Function Description
adsense Generate Google adsense tags.
ajax_page Used to embed an ajax request in a page.
anchor Generate an anchor from a specification saved using the anchor model.
assign Used to assign a session variable.
assign2 Used to assign a session variable defined as an array.
audio Generate an audio tag from a specification saved using the audio model.
badge Used to generate a rounded, shadowed or raised border surrounding supplied content.
bg Used to define a responsive background image using the supplied imageid.
bing_searchbox Render a Bing Custom Search Box to perform a site search using the Bing search engine.
blog_info Return various information about the current blog request based on the url.
blogkey Return information about the current blog request.
boc_fx Obtain a recent conversion rate between two supplied currencies.
bootcar Used to generate a bootstrap carousel.
bootnav Generate a bootstrap navigation bar/menu or sitemap.
business_hours Used to render different code depending on whether the current time is within a weekly schedule of hours.
cache_get Read a value from memory cache (stored by dollar cache_set).
cache_set Write a value to memory cache.
captcha_image Generate a captcha image.
cart Show the current shopping cart.
codesample Present a sample of code, css, markup etc. within the current page.
container Add content to a codeframe container.
cookie Returns the value of a browser cookie.
countdown Show different content leading up to, on and after a certain date.
date Returns the current date or an adjusted date in the requested time zone
dbcount Return the row count for the supplied SQL search values.
dbinsert Insert one or more rows into an SQL table.
dblookup Fetch one or more columns from a table. Only one row can be returned so the supplied key should be unique.
dbselect Fetch one or more columns from a table. Any number of rows can be returned but there is no limit so you should only use this when the number of expected rows is not too high. Joining tables is permitted.
decide_on Generate a series of content depending on matching conditions.
decrypt Decrypt a string. Reverses $encrypt.
decrypturl Decrypt query strings encrypted using $encrypturl.
details Used to render an HTML details tag including an embedded summary tag.
dump_session Show all session variables
easyreviews Integrates with to embed dynamic reviews into a website.
encrypt Encrypt a string using a secret key.
encrypturl Encrypt the query string in order to keep parameters secret.
environment Generate code based on whether we are running in the live site or the sandbox.
expression Evaluate a mathematical expression.
folders Return a list of folders within the specified directory.
for For loop used to generate a series of strings with number substitution.
ga_track_event Set an event in Google Analytics.
gacookie Extract values from the Google Analytics tracking cookie.
geoloc Used to return location information for a supplied IP address.
get_config Return a site or page config setting.
global Generates the value of a global variable.
google_analytics Log site usage using Google Analytics.
htmlentities Convert special html characters to corresponding entities.
httpheader Generate an http header directive.
if Generate code based on the result of comparing two values.
if_mobile Generate code based on whether we are executing on a phone.
if_page Conditionally include content based on current page name.
if_parm Conditionally include content based on page parameters.
image Add an image to a webpage including srcset and anchor support. Images must be defined using the image model.
imagegrid Generate a gallery of images.
imagelink Generate an anchor with an image as the link contents.
include Include a snippet of html into the current page.
infobox Generate a help icon that shows help or descriptive information when clicked.
infolabel Generate a label, title or other string that links to a popup infobox.
iparm Return the value associated with an internal parameter used on the current page.
keep_alive Send a keep alive request every so often to prevent the user's session from expiring.
language_links Render links used to switch the current language.
lightbox Render an image which pops up a larger sized image.
link Generates a link that, when clicked, will navigate to a page of the current site.
link_buttons Generate styled buttons to link to pages of your site.
list Generate an ordered or unordered list.
local_business Generate a local business schema and/or json.
locale Obtain a word or phrase in the current user's locale.
logged_in Generate different content depending on whether the current user is logged in.
logout Generates a link that allows users to log out of their session.
mailto Generate a mailto link which obfuscates the email address from spammer bots.
menu Generate a menu or sitemap.
message Return a message from the messages folder.
nextnum Maintain a text file with the next available sequence number.
object Return a property of an object.
page Embed a page component within the current page.
pageid Return the current pageid with various formatting options.
pageinfo Return a property associated with the indicated page.
phone Generate a clickable phone number.
popup Generate a link that, when clicked, will pop up a page of the site in a window.
post Return the value of a post variable.
post2 Return the value of a 2-dimensional post variable.
property Add content to a stand-alone codeframe property. For tag properties use the tag_property function.
qsparm Return the contents of a query string parameter ($_REQUEST key).
random_str Generate a random string of any length.
recaptcha_hide Hide the reCAPTCHA V3 icon and optionally show the privacy policy and terms instead.
recursive The GenHelm runtime can be called recursively in order to generate content as as part of processing a page response. This dollar function is used to render conditional content depending on whether the page is being created as part of the main response or an internally generated response.
redirect Trigger a redirect to another page.
Generates an iframe with supporting div wrapper and styling to make it responsive.
review_rating Generate a review schema in json format.
send Used to send a behind-the-scenes email.
server Return the value of a server variable.
session Return the value of a session variable.
session2 Return the value of a 2-dimensional session variable.
session3 Return the value of a 3-dimensional session variable.
session_clear Clear session variables while keeping certain variables active.
session_restore Used to restore session data that was saved using $session_save.
session_save Used to save session data as an xml file.
setcookie Set a browser cookie.
Get previous and/or next links for a simple blog.
site Return a property associated with the current site.
sss Execute a custom server-side script.
stash_get Retrieve a value from a text file stored in data/stash using $stash_set.
stash_set Write a value to a stash file. Similar to a persistent shared cookie.
style Include one or more inline styles.
swiper Generate an image slider defined using the swiper model.
tablecolwidth Generate fixed width table styles to support static headings.
tag_content Add content to a codeframe tag.
tag_property Add content to a codeframe tag property.
tawk Implement web chat using
time Return the current time in the requested time zone and format.
tooltip Define a popup title (information tooltip) for a field.
transaction Generate a link pointing to the first page of a transaction and set the transaction name.
transguide Generate a series of links to show the pages that make up a transaction.
translate Translate a string (variable) using the current language setting.
updateurl Returns an amended version of the current URL with requested substitutions and removals applied.
video Generate a video tag from a specification saved using the video model.
years_since Return the number of years since the supplied date.
youtube Generates a youtube video within an iframe with supporting div wrapper and styling to make it responsive.