GenHelm offers built-in features to isolate labels and messages on forms making it easy to implement support for any number of languages without duplicating your business logic.

Building multilingual sites on top of a framework that does not embrace and support multilingual applications is incredibly challenging. Learn how GenHelm makes it easy to support any number of languages from a single domain.

Translation Model

The translation model is one of the building blocks of GenHelm's multilingual support. This allows you to associate variables with desktop label text, mobile label text and popup balloon text as shown here.

Sample translations

Translate Model

The translate model allows you to translate this text into any number of languages.

Sample translations to French

Other models supporting multilingual sites include:

  1. messages is used to define external error, warning and informational messages.
  2. translate_messages is used to translate messages into different languages.
  3. locale is used to cater to different vernacular within the same language for example US English vs. British English.