GenHelms Database models allow you to build business applications that utilize SQL tables.

Almost all business applications revolve around the maintenance and display of data. By generating maintenance and browse programs automatically you can increase your team's productivity in building these applications by several orders of magnitude while, at the same time, improving quality.

db_table_browse Model

The db_table_browse model generates select queries against SQL tables including joined tables. Here is a sample query created by this model.

Sample browse program

db_object Model

The db_object model encapsulates a series of SQL tables into a callable maintenance object (PHP class). This class can be called from the form to build maintenance functions like this one:

Sample database maintenance program

Other database-oriented models include:

  1. db_config which is used to configure a database connection.
  2. db_log_profile which defines database columns to be used for logging update transactions.
  3. db_object_child which configures child tables to be included within a database object.
  4. schema is used to configure which databases can be accessed from which environments.

To see more examples of GenHelm's database models in action please visit building SQL applications in PHP.