Other Supplied GenHelm models.

On this page we summarize the other models not mentioned on the specific category pages.

Other Models

Template Oriented Models

  1. codeframe is used to define an intelligent template to control the structure of generated pages.
  2. layout configures a codeframe to determine the structure of a group of pages.

Site Wide Settings

site_settings configures default settings to be applied to a website.

Security Settings

  1. user defines users and functional security.
  2. logon_access controls access to the maintenance functions of a website.
  3. generation_options controls the site's generation options.

Supporting Models

  1. javascript is used to generate JavaScript used by sites.
  2. styles is used to generate CSS stylesheets.
  3. package generates packages which group JavaScript and CSS.
  4. promotion promotes code to production.
  5. php_class generates any PHP class.
  6. php_trait generates a PHP trait module used to define shared traits for PHP classes.
  7. php_enum generates a PHP enumeration object used to define a set of valid values for a property or function argument.
  8. php_include generates PHP include code.