GenHelm ships with over 70 models that are used to generate PHP code, JavaScript, CSS and other components of your site.
Model Description
anchor Define external links and links to site documents such as PDFs
audio Define audio tags to play MP3 files, etc.
bootcar Generate a carousel of images utilizing bootstrap
bootgrid Create responsive grids utilizing bootstrap
bootnav Configure a navigation menu using bootstrap
boottab Create tabbed containers utilizing bootstrap
codeframe Generate a codeframe (from which layouts are based)
codesample Create a code sample for use with $codesample
custom Create a page that does not fit any of the standard page models
datasheet Create a datasheet class. This is a small table that does not need a database.
db_config Configure a database connection
db_log_profile Define columns to be written to a database update log
db_object Retrieve and update SQL tables
db_object_child Used to retrieve and update dependent SQL tables
db_table_browse Browse records in an SQL table
dollar_function Generate new dollar functions
faq Generate an FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)
flexgrid Create flexgrid controls used on forms
form Create HTML forms
form_handler Generate a form handler class to validate and interact with a form
generation_options Configure site generation defaults
globals Define site-wide constants
glossary Generate a glossary page (terms and definitions)
googlemap Generate a dynamic Google map with markers, etc.
googlemap_icon Define an icon or image to be used on a Google map
html_field Define a reusable form field
html_field_type Define a reusable field type
image Generate an image definition and up to seven images in different sizes
image_sizes Define an image size definition
imagegrid Render a collection of images
imagelist Define a list of images for use with imagegrid and swiper
javascript Edit JavaScript files
latest_blog_posts Create a list of recent blog entries within the SQL blog
layout Create a subclass of a codeframe to serve as a page layout
links Create a page that shows links to other websites
list Define ordered and unordered lists
local_business Define information related to a local business
locale Define words in different locales (language dialects)
logon_access Generate a class to define access privileges
mailform Define a mailform definition used to email form contents
markdown Create simple HTML based on markdown text
menu Configure a navigation menu
messages Define informational, warning and error messages
model Used to create new models
package Used to define a reuable set of script and/or css
php_array_data Create a php class used to cache array values
php_class Generate any php class
php_enum Define a PHP Enumeration (enum) object
php_include Create a Simple php include file
php_trait Generate php trait definitions
promotion Used to define a set of modules to be promoted to production
raw_html Create a hand-coded html page
recipients Define email recipient lists
report Define a tab-delimited report
schema Define databases for each environment
select Define a drop-down list for a select input control or datalist
select_db_column_values Generate a database driven drop-down list for a select input or datalist
simple_bloglist Create a list of blog entries using a simple (non-SQL) blog
site_settings Configure site defaults
styles Create a css stylesheet
swiper Render a collection of scrolling images
table Create an HTML table
tags Create any set of HTML tags
transaction Generate a transaction definition to control form navigation and completion events
translate Define multi-lingual string translations for variables
translate_messages Define multi-lingual message translations
translation Generate translation classes to translate variables
user Define and update web users
video Define video tags to play MP4 files, etc.
weekly_schedule Define information related to a local business
wysiwyg Create simple HTML based on wysiwyg
xml_sitemap Configure an xml sitemap for the current site